Dunamis Tabernacle



Omega Church & Ministries Center is happy to provide you with information regarding our future worship center, Dunamis Tabernacle. This end-time ministries center is designed to prepare the remnant church for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At Omega Ministries we have tried to keep a very balanced approach to preaching and teaching the Word of God so as not to stray from the foundational truths of the Bible. We have learned over the years that human nature tends to go to extremes and usually clouds the central focus of the Gospel, which is the cross of Jesus Christ.

Hopefully, at the end-time ministries center, formally called Dunamis Tabernacle, we will begin reestablishing relationship-focused teaching to release thousands of “ministers” of the Gospel into the world as we bring in the end time harvest of souls. We will not focus on individuals sitting theatre style in church listening to sermonettes and singing songs. It is time for every member of the Body of Christ to step up. Each person must be prepared to do what the Lord has called him or her to do with confidence and boldness as they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.



Yes friends, it is time to return to personal accountability and responsibility before God and to do the works of the ministry. Remember, salvation is not a spectator sport. We are raising funds to build the ministry center and all contributions will be held in escrow until enough money has been raised to begin construction. As a partner in our efforts, you will be kept abreast of the developments here in Atlanta as we begin this process.

We invite you to browse this website and find out more about Dunamis Tabernacle. If this is a vision that you would like to help see come to fruition, please consider becoming a partner with us by visiting our donation page and indicating "Dunamis Tabernacle Building Fund" in the ordering instructions.  You can also mail a donation payable to Omega Ministries to this address:


PO Box 960146

Riverdale, GA 30296

Again, thank you for your support and continue to pray for us and for completion of the task God has set before us.


Pastor Gary C. Price
Sr. Pastor, Omega Church & Ministries Center
Future Home of "Dunamis Tabernacle"