The Light of the Word

The Light of the Word Questions & Answers Series is a radio broadcast designed to answer any questions that may arise during your salvation experience. We take a look at Scripture for biblical truth under the leading of the Holy Spirit to come to a logical conclusion about what God is saying.

Click on any of the topics below to listen to biblical discussions on these topics. These are not in-depth studies, but conversational reviews. If you need additional study references for these or any areas, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly.

When we read the Book of Acts and other books of the Bible, we see that the church was under tremendous pressure. What has changed? Why is the church not being persecuted today?

Aren't we all just sinners saved by grace?

Everyone says that they hear from God, but what does that mean? Am I supposed to hear a voice? What should I be doing to hear from God personally?

What does it mean to be spiritually minded?

If I am plagued by sin, how do I get free from it? How do I overcome sinful addictions in my life?

What does it mean in Genesis 1:26 when it says "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness?"

I was raised in a Baptist church and we were taught that once we confessed faith in Christ we could never be lost. Some people call this once saved always saved. Is this doctrine supported by the Bible?

How do I really get free from sin?

What is the purpose of fasting? Isn't it enough just to pray?

Do you really think that demons are still an issue today?

I responded to an altar call. Am I now saved?

I John 4:2 says, "Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God." Does this mean that anyone who makes a verbal confession of belief in Christ is saved?

Christian fiction is gaining popularity among many people in television, books, and other media. Aren't these safe alternatives of entertainment for Christians?

If there is a false church, then how will people know the difference between the two? What is going doing to sign-off on the real vs. the false church?

There is a popular series out called Left Behind that gives fictional accounts of how the end times may be. How do these books compare to what the Bible says about the tribulation period and the rapture of the church?

The Apostles and other evangelists were able to demonstrate many signs and wonders in the earth. I Corinthians 2:5 says that our faith should not stand in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. What is the power of God and where is it today?

Looking at churches in my neighborhood and even on stations like TBN, most of it looks like foolishness. People are in church commanding the Holy Spirit to bring them money. They are going through convulsions under what is supposed to be a holy anointing. Many churches today seem carnal and far from grounded in the Word of God. How can I find the right church for me to fellowship?

Will I really have to suffer as a Christian, and why?

Christian music has really grown in popularity and we see Christian music segments mirroring secular music. There is christian rap, christian rock, christian R&B, christian country... Christian artists are even crossing over to record secular albums. Is this evidence of increased evangelism or is it something else?

What causes soul ties and how do you break them?

Recent events have caused many Americans to unite under patriotism to fight those who threaten our freedoms and democrary. Messages like "God Bless America" can be seen and heard everywhere. Is America really under the blessing of God?

People have a picture of the devil as a red horned beast, but can't the devil appear to be just a regular nice guy?

Recently we see many people putting aside religious differences and coming together in prayer to God. One example of this is the annual National Day of Prayer where individuals from all backgrounds and faiths are encouraged to spend the day in prayer. Should Christians participate in these events?

The Bible says that God will send a strong delusion and that many will fall away from the faith. How is it that so many Christians don't seem to be concerned about the current condition of the church?

If I am a Christian under the influence of a ministry that has a female pastor or that supports ministries with female pastors is that a problem?

You talk about patriarchal authority and the proper order for men and women, but what about women who are managing single parent homes? Many times men are shirking their responsibilities and leaving women behind to take care of the family. How do these women fit into God's patriarchal order?