Purpose of Dunamis Tabernacle

The Dunamis Tabernacle Worship Center will be a non-denominational, multi-purpose/multi-function facility designed to meet the needs of the Body of Christ, the local Church family and the surrounding community.

The purpose of the Dunamis Tabernacle is not to be a physical tribute to God or man. Open 24 hours a day, it will be a place for discipleship, service, and doing God's work. In addition to helping raise ministers of the Gospel internationally, Dunamis Tabernacle will also have a worship center that addresses the needs of our local community by providing shelters for the homeless and battered women, on-site daycare, job training resources, and other much needed services.


A Women’s Shelter

The Refuge will be staffed by individuals trained in counseling those who have been emotionally wounded and require immediate attention and relief from high stress situations.

This ministry will care for unwed mothers of all ages who have no one to care for them and no resources available. We will provide shelter for battered women on a walk-in basis or as referred by organizations which care for physically, emotionally, or psychologically abused women. Through the ministry, transportation will be provided for expectant mothers to doctor’s appointments, birthing classes, etc.

Transportation will also be provided for those who require medical treatment, legal counsel or assistance to and from a place of employment. Additionally, the program will act as an intermediary between the counselee and other local, state, and federal agencies.



Early Childhood Services & Education

The Dove's Nest program is designed to provide daycare for children, especially catering to low income and single parent households. When possible, expenses for daycare and pre-school will be offset by donations and charitable contributions.

Ages of the children will range from 6 months old to 5 years old. Expansion of the program to include 1st and 2nd grade education will be considered based upon demand for the service. The program will be staffed by individuals who have been trained and licensed by the State of Georgia. The Director's office is staffed by individuals with a degree in Early Childhood Development. The Dove’s Nest will also function as a referral service for those needing counseling in nutrition, child health or financial aid.

We will also provide transportation to and from the center if requested by the child's parent(s). There will be no charge for this service, which will be provided on a first come/first serve basis.

Provide local daycare, education, and child services referrals, especially for low income and single parent homes.



Transition Services for the Homeless

We aim to build up the homeless individual by helping them to establish and maintain a secure role in society. We will also make referrals and assist those in need of medical attention.
Helping the homeless to transition from life on the streets to stability and employment in the social mainstream. Part of this transition includes, housing, counseling, transportation, job training, and daycare services. Secret Place will serve as a halfway house for the transition necessary to move

an individual from homelessness to productivity and self-respect.

Secret Place will act as an intermediary between the counseled and other local, state, and federal agencies. We will also provide transportation when necessary to jobs and schools in the area. Day care will be provided for individuals with children who cannot afford day care or after school care.


Teen Outreach Ministry

There is an unprecedented upsurge in teen pregnancy, abortion, drug abuse, fatherless homes, child abuse, abandonment and mental anguish amongst the teenage population. We believe it is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to step into the forefront and be accountable to this generation.

The Elijah House will be a place of understanding and aid for teens experiencing problems in their lives. The teen ministry outreach is designed to assist young adults, parents, and educators in developing well-rounded, socially responsible adults who have character, confidence, and a sense of belonging and fellowship. Several areas that will be addressed include chil

d abuse, abandonment, drug abuse, sex education, and teen pregnancy counseling as well as providing opportunities for recreation, education, enrichment, edification and cultural awareness.

This ministry’s mission is to give every teen a chance to develop good study habits, a strong work ethic, and a sound mind, body & spirit.

Designed to assist young adults, parents, and educators in developing well-rounded, socially responsible adults who have character, confidence, and a sense of belonging

and fellowship.




Develop/Increase Marketable Job Skills

As a part of our “whole person” approach to ministry, we recognize that one of our responsibilities is to train those for whom we care in all facets of life.

The Job Training program will give individuals a chance to increase skills or enter into the job market for the first time. Through tuition assistance, guidance counseling and other services, we will help transition individuals into a more productive pattern of living.
Programs such as secretarial work, automotive repair, computer training, and construction will be the initial focuses. We will work hand-in-hand with Atlanta’s schools, technical institutions and volunteer professionals to impact the community through a reduction in illiteracy and crime and an increase in productive members of the community.

Corporate sponsorship and individual support for this effort will be used for training, classroom space, hiring qualified staff, purchasing computers, and other materials needed to train and counsel those enlisted in the program.