Can You Recommend a Church in My Area?

A number of you have contacted us about the difficulty you are having in finding a local church in your area. We too are aware of how rare it is to find a church willing to preach the unadulterated truth of the Gospel. Yet, we also know that in order to be used in these end times, God has to shake from us any vestige of "religion" that may be hindering the progression of His work in us. This includes our own perceptions about "Church." It is important that we move away from thinking of church as a "building" or a "service" so that we can begin to function as a "body" of believers. Now more than ever, we must "become the church" instead of just looking to "go to church." Wherever we go, we should take the "church" with us because Christ is in us.


I do not mean to downplay the importance of fellowship in the life of a Christian. In fact, I happen to believe that the local church is a bedrock for Christian growth. In His Word, God clearly instructs us not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together as we see the end approaching (Hebrews 10:25). Yet, this "assembling together" may not be in the same way as we have traditionally defined it. As the world turns more and more anti-God, and specifically anti-Christ, it will become difficult for the real church to openly worship together. Although those of us in the United States have been generally protected from this type of religious persecution, our brothers and sisters in China, Afghanistan, and other countries of the world understand this only too well. Do not be misled. This same type of pressure will soon befall us in America.


Our intent with this message is to encourage you! If God has not given you clear direction about where to go for local fellowship, He may be calling you to do something else at this time. Remember, there is no spiritual office in the church for ministers. We are all called to be ministers or proclaimers of the Gospel. For example, what if God is looking for you to offer a place for believers to study and worship? While I am not saying that this is true for all of you, the point is to stay in prayer about what God has set before you and what He wants you to personally do about it. Do not see this as a dry spot in your life and by all means do not let Satan lull you into being passive. Look to God for the blessing that He has prepared for you in this. God knows your hurts and your needs, and He has already provided an answer!


As a member of the Body of Christ you belong to a church that has no boundaries and is not separated by location, class, or gender. These body of believers are all pressing towards the same focus: proclaiming the Good News until Christ's return!


We understand that the lack of a church home has been a painful void in many of your lives.


We continue to pray that God's will in this area be made manifest to you.


Although we are not always able to recommend local congregations, please know that our ministry is available to you. If you ever need prayer or guidance, we are more than happy to assist.


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